The piracy transformed from group to enterprise

After the destruction of the central government of Somalia many new thing emerge to Somalia people currently, I greatly indicate those new hardships, the piracy, as it started to seek for the seas or oceans needs to get a long writing based important dates but the authors about the piracy claimed that piracy delivered from large problems of eradicating the resources of the oceans and coasts of Somalia by foreign ships, now the tasks of Somalia pirates went up to the international level, they became bravery for a long distance hijacked the ships while finding a modern instrument so that investigations made by the union [SOMALI DATA INFORMATION FOR PIRATES ORGANIZATION SODIPO] were found that Somali pirates have changed something from the previous methods, they  revealed new skills of piracy and made suitable to abduct many ships recently.

 SODIPOs centers in Somalia, Saudi, and Yemen wrote about a long information about Somali piracy doubled, for the last three months, statistics about piracy have take at least 60 attacks and succeed 25 of them only.

They caught over 30 ships and they last caught a ship from the Tanzania coast and overboard 15 crew of India origin.

  Two South African citizens were abducted this week by suspected Somalia pirates from a yacht at a location in the Indian Ocean and one other refused to leave the yacht but the pirates left with the remaining two crew members as hostages.

It is told that the pirates have released at least three ships fro the last three months including two ships received a ransom nearly $ 18 million and it’s the largest currency since piracy started, the information also predicted that Somali pirates increased and expect the flowing months more attacks as a mentioned above while the winds of the oceans pacify and ideologists told that new tacks may reveal from the pirates, the environment near the southern coast of Somalia have been seen movement by Somali pirates as SODIPO tells.

While they are waging project building new environments which were not booming before but you thing these environment becoming boom.

So that pirates transformed collective group and their objectives is to get a ship for a ransom to enterprises working as piracy, now many companies owned by the pirates opened and enrolled every one ready for to enter the ocean, the saying of southern Somalia has became [ put your feet in the see as you succeed ] you may see lorries written on the back ( put your feet in the see ) it is marvelous the name of the pirate is to boat in the southern Somalia and is beautified as the “seamen” everything is worse than another the women are now prepared for the piracy after they got reasons for the piracy.

Somalia piracies were told for their first establishment for the cause of the foreign ships effecting Somali coats.

 The information produced by SODIPO that Yemen coasts were caught a large ship carrying poisonous barrels and wanted to pour to the Somalia coasts although the Yemen government told that the ship poured some of the poisons in its coasts, that is one of the parts exist in Somalia after the central government collapsed and its new common in Somalia and the world, piracy become firms invest piracy and as I told earlier

                                                  By: Ismail Mohamed Halane

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